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The first hour we hear from Tim Will Hunting about his book. Tim joins us via the phone. His book, The Custodian Chronicles, Volume 1: An Inside Look at the American Public School System as Seen Through the Eyes of Its Most Underrated Player: The Janitor (and Other Musings). Tim has some fascinating views of the nature of conformity. He also gives the listener a 30-second solution to school shootings.
Second hour Uncle tells tales from the bathroom. Are the ladies room or men’s room worse for the guys who wind up cleaning them? Also, the oil is best when the subject of weed comes up. How to store your beer.
Aaron drops the ball more than once. Shoutouts to the east coast. Who are Dan and Cody?Nods to the uncles alive and otherwise.Listening party, Frank, The Beef People and Dr. Dog. Whatever the Weather will be, it will be.
The excellent thing about having a criminal record. Tim Will Hunting is also a musician. California is an odd place. Shout out to producer Chuck. Rabbit Season or Duck season, You decide.

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Hunting Season Will

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Hunting Season Will