human vibrational frequency

The Ochelli Effect 5-7-2018 Michael Feeley

Author Michael Feeley joins us on a Moon Day to begin to lift the veil again. Can we build upon the foundations of the mystical? Are people who serve in forces the same that burn crosses? Have the ministers of death replaced the ministers? We ignore plitvo prostitutka Melania Be Best BS to absorb something on a higher level. What is the frequency marathon man? How polluted is the entertainment industry? Is it unfair to describe useful idiots as useful idiots? Chemical and energetic aspects of love may be more potent than previously advertised. Adversity is the goal of advertising. Are holly wood trees the origin of magic wands? How connected was Crowley? How often are stories told over the centuries before they become religions? Symbolism is everywhere. Is the UK far behind the colonies in a race toward a complete police state? Is an oath of office something special? Are you Jesus, Moses, Mary, or all of the above? Fabricated tribal beats echo ancient methods. Spiritual, emotional Vampires should be dealt with. Never look down on someone unless it is to help them up. Chuck does his best to make the conversation flow and two hours disappear quickly. For Meria Heller to have written Michael’s forward, he must have made quite an impression. Meanwhile, we hope this Monday Ochelli Effect got you thinking about what you project and receive day to day.


human vibrational frequency

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human vibrational frequency