Human Time Bomb Violence Within

The Ochelli Effect 1-23-2020 Carmine Savastano

Human Time Bomb Violence Within

Chuck started the Thursday show with a shoutout to Mike Swanson. Without Mike, The Ochelli Effect would have folded some time ago.

This is the first discussion in a series that will be devoted to the book Carmine has authored that will be released on February 17, 2020.

Are there biological qualities universal among the human species that make violence a natural result of socialization? Is violent behavior just built into the template?

Are we all human time bombs? Does the complex intersection of nature and nurture which continuously alters DNA have any effect on how we as creatures may be able to steer our biological future?

We invite anyone who considers the discussions and the science debated to offer their input. This will be an ongoing and seemingly lengthy series that may address the very heart of human identity.

LINKS to the Book:


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Recent Wall Street Window Podcast with Carmine:

Human Time Bomb Violence Within

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The Ochelli Effect 1-23-2020 Carmine Savastano