Hope Waring Words Tragedy

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Hope Waring Words Tragedy

Trans Resister Radio and Uncle The Broadcast LIVE 6-14-2019 Sef The Poet and Callers

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Carroll Quigley has left a legacy for conspiracy theorists everywhere. Is he only to be appreciated by right-wing extremists, or is there something there for everyone?

topics include: Franni, Yanni, Pure Moods, new age music, Carroll Quigley, Evolution of Civilizations, vested special interests, history, macrohistory, scientific method, Western Civilization, ignoring Chinese history, Tragedy and Hope, weapons, politics, Bill Clinton, conspiracy culture, right-wing extremism, John Birch Society, Richard Grove, rogue publishing, GSG and Associates, Macmillan, first edition, other authors having publishing cut off


The long-awaited spoken word contest between Sef the Poet and Chuck Ochelli has arrived. Listen to these two unique voices go back in forth in a lyrical battle that can only be heard on Uncle (the broadcast).

topics include: rules of contest, seizures, a brain with a battery, procedures, how rappers talk but you can’t understand them, why coyotes howl, how whales talk in the water, cats talking to dogs, wrap up, listener feedback, poetry, music, Uncle speaks, war and peace, Aaron speaks, poet laureate, bonus round, Twitter poll https://twitter.com/UnclePodcast/status/1139740575572226048

Hope Waring Words Tragedy

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Aaron’s Main Hub  http://theageoftransitions.com/ indeed a different kind of show and we hope it continues to break its mold.

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Hope Waring Words Tragedy