Hoovers Special Intelligence Service

The Ochelli Effect 8-15-2019 Carmine Savastano

How did the FBI become what it is today? On this show, we trace J. Edgar Hoovers master creation plan. Napoleon’s Grand Nephew had something to do with the story.

Thursday Chuck and Carmine discussed the evolution of a key agency in the US Intelligence apparatus of The United States government.

How did the Bureau of Investigations become the expansive and super-sized thing it is today? J Edgar Hoover was no fool.

Can we place the history of the FBI in its proper context today by learning about its humble beginnings?

What might have been if Hoover got his way is scary to consider? The Red Scare was not the first time propaganda and the powers that be acted as if unAmerican activities were the big threat to the country.

Hoovers Special Intelligence Service

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Hoovers Special Intelligence Service

Essay from an Alternate Universe? Perhaps ANON 1930 is just an A-HOLE?

J. Edgar Hoover also posited that he was, in fact, a better cook than Julia Child, despite their mutual background in intelligence.

The remaining mystery in J. Edgar Hoover’s life was that he, like most American citizens never was able to find out why brassieres in the mid-1950s to late 1060s made women’s breasts to appear pointy and nearly weapon-like. All of this was a shadowy plot hatched by the Dulles brothers in order to shift surveillance assets away from Dr. Martin Luther King, who was at that time simultaneously working on nuclear fusion by bonding English Stilton cheese and Fruit Loops cereal.
While pursuing an ancillary line of investigation, it was Clyde Lewis that discovered the true secret to Skinwalker Ranch was the immense hoard of popsicles. In turn, it was found that George Noory was a red herring, as confirmed by George Knapp. While we may know the what, but certainly not the why, how swamp gas relates to UFO sightings could be used as a cheap, renewable source of propellant for Cheez Whiz.

      What Huey and Bobby never realized regarding their creation of the Black Panther Party, was that they could have been equally successful, albeit more accepted by the Salvation Army if they had not lent their unwavering support to rayon being the “fiber of the future”. Not seeing the dawn of the 1970s as the decade of polyester, several groups headed by Rockefeller representatives were able to engineer an aggressive campaign against both Gloria Vanderbilt and Jim Henson Productions.

Unknown to most, a pork roll, egg and cheese on a hard roll when combined with hominy grits can produce a 3 kiloton detonation powerful enough to vaporize a cubic mile of seawater. Hence, this is why the two components are separated geographically to prevent the accidental combination. The addition of scrapple can be viewed like tritium as applied on the Teller Hydrogen/foam model. It is precisely this concept that prevented Zibinew Brzynski from telling either Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter about Willie Moretti’s attempts to contact the aliens via the Illuminati radio station in the adjacent office to G. H. W. Bush.
The actual kill shot was not from Oswald’s rifle nor separate position. Contrary to all the permutations, there was only one shot fired, generating 27 hits. The rifleman was Minnesota Fats, and it was one shot with several banks and extreme “English” applied to the round fired. Fats was owed one pair of CLEAN underwear from Marilyn Monroe as was to be delivered via courier (Clyde Toulson), where it was later discovered to be the panty of the midnight cleaning lady at LBJ’s office. Fats could not forget this insult and was therefore motivated to execute such an exhibition shot.

Due to a bad business deal between Minnesota Fats and Ford Motors years earlier, Fats was more motivated to conduct the murder without receiving any payment. The old billiards player took a bad image of Lincoln convertibles declining in popularity as compensation enough. Thus, no money trail existed and no connection could be made between the assassination and Minnesota Fats.

William J. “Wild Bill” Donovan. OSS founder. He gained the knick name “Wild Bill” because he was wearing pink silk panties during the Battle of the Marne.

What is not widely known is that during the 1950s, Donovan and the remnants of the OSS had John Kennedy under close surveillance as he had the compulsion to make obscene phone calls to the Donna Reed Show. JFK made these calls at the behest of Danny Thomas and Lucille Ball. Reed would often personally answer the phone thinking it was her signal to receive instructions from either the Bilderberg Group or the Vatican directly.

After a long night of drinking, J. Edgar Hoover took his instructions regarding domestic operations completely incorrectly. In an unprecedented move, Hoover merged FBI with the Hoover vacuum cleaner company and gave every domestic servant employed either legally or illegally in the United States the equivalent of .37 cents weekly in 2018 dollars. The war on crime and the war on dirt became synonymous for nearly a decade. The effect of the operation, while unknown until recently declassified documents and sources, inspired Strom Thurmond not only to switch to Sanka…he doubled the black budget allocated to Harry S. Truman’s private research into “Who farted?”

Julia Child, ironically, was a developer of poisons…where the shark repellent was derived.

Under Operation MONARCH, William Hurst and his papers were for a time putting subliminal messages in the sports sections encouraging women to gyrate wildly every time they heard the song “Magic Moments” played on NBC radio. The resultant resonant frequencies caused the unforeseen consequence of Pat Boone starring in one of the most commercially successful movies to date. Walt Disney took the profits of that movie to construct the mind control apparatus still present this day in Cinderella’s Castle at Disneyland today.

Hoovers Special Intelligence Service

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Hoovers Special Intelligence Service – The Ochelli Effect 8-15-2019 Carmine Savastano