History Matters Rex Bradford JFK Assassination

The Ochelli Effect 1-25-2018 with Rex Bradford of History Matters and The Mary Ferrell Foundation

On most Thursdays we talk with Carmine Savastano about many aspects of “Sinister History”. Most of the best document links included with those shows come from The Mary Ferrell Foundation Website. This evening we have a rare chat with one of the architects of that site as well as a significant builder of the data base modern JFK researchers utilize for primary documentation. During the conversation Rex explains how he became involved in the seemingly unending labor to ensure access and preservation to the official records on the case and much more. Rex Bradford may not be the first name that comes to mind when discussions of who has contributed to public knowledge on the case , but without him , we assure you there would be little to refer to , or even talk about in the first place. Rex tells us what he thinks about the condition of progress on the JFK case , discusses why it is still important , and adds some anecdotes of interest along the way. Whsat is the Mary Farrell Foundation? Who was Mary Ferrall? has the National Archives evolved in it’s duty to provide access to the JFK Records in general? How did and has Rex seen the most recent “Document Dumps”? How much is STILL Missing?? Can Chuck get that whole Chief cook , bottle-washer , etc. thing right? Does anyone in journalistic circles care when President Johnson has a clearly erased conversation in his Presidential Library Archives? Do You? Listen in , and find out… History Matters Rex Bradford JFK Assassination

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History Matters Rex Bradford JFK Assassination

The Ocheeli Effect 1-25-2018 Rex Bradford

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 History Matters Rex Bradford JFK Assassination