High Low Poker Impeachment Draw

The Ochelli Effect 1-27-2020 Regular Joe and B Pete

High Low Poker Impeachment Draw

We kick off the broadcast week playing the hits from impeachment Polooza and checking on the seemingly Fake News from the unreal reality. In Lebanon TN a guy lit a joint while discussing laws related to the plant in criminal court, and those of us keeping a close eye on the senate wish he would pass that after his six puffs were up.

Regular Joe did a fairly packed Regular Guy News piece after being absent last week. Chuck and Joe cover Bolton, Rick Wilson, and why a TBI is not a bad headache. How’s that tax cut for the rich working out for you? Political Theater continues to prevail.

In the second hour, B Pete continues to defend Trump LIVE from a Poker Machine despite saying he has no desire to do so. Meanwhile, Trump and his surrogates continue to game us all. Is Iran still a thing? Selective Enforcement allows only high-level criminals to thrive and never be held accountable.

What happened with North Korea? Is the next pandemic anything we should again get the free press for fear porn fired up to push? By the way, How’s that trade war with China doing? Is any of this real? Will Fake News outpace the fake reality?

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High Low Poker Impeachment Draw

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High Low Poker Impeachment Draw – The Ochelli Effect 1-27-2020 Regular Joe and B Pete