Hesher Alternative Current Radio

The Ochelli Effect 11-18-2020 Hesher

Hesher Alternative Current Radio

Hesher is a broadcaster that recently started talking to Chuck when the broadcasting issue recently put Ochelli on the sidelines.

He is different from Chuck but less than what some people think. A similar vision of what could be accomplished by independent media people is discussed.

Alternative Current Radio is further along on the path of coalition confluence than Ochelli.com. Hesher has a smoother style but he sustains his Heavy Metal attitude.

Boiler Room Radio on ACR an interesting roundtable show Hesher runs along with the lovely Spore. Chuck talked with Hesher about an episode he heard and the cast of show hosts that were kinda Trumpy to Chuck’s mind.

We hope to hear from Hesher again soon and this may be the early stages of a solid media friendship in public and behind the scenes.



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Hesher Alternative Current Radio

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