Healthy Vibes Dollar Store Beer

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle 11-13-2020

Healthy Vibes Dollar Store Beer

AOT #295

Captain Tripps calls back into the show. He and Aaron talk about the medical establishment at large, and how it is largely just one big profiteering racket.

topics include: NYE, seasons, Covid lockdowns, vaccines, immune system, profit motive, eczema, getting well through diet, genetics, blind faith in science, eugenics movement, Social Darwinism, accepting our limitations, medical technology, biosurveillance, Age of Transitions, Newt Gingrich, Trump, fall of civilizations

UTP #202

Uncle reviews a dollar store beer for the first time in a while. There is another special dollar store beer waiting in the refrigerator for an upcoming show with friend Bum Wine Bob.

topics include: dollar store, Friday the 13th, Jacques De Molay, Name That Tune game on Instagram, Cass Fresh, South Korea, lager, drafts, Bum Wine Bob, Belgian beers, liquor in the grocery store, PA beer distributors, rural New York, Maine, New England, ghost, Moose Lodge, NYE, Freemasons vs Knights of Columbus

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Healthy Vibes Dollar Store Beer

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