Happy Birthday Lee Oswald

The Ochelli Effect 10-18-2018 Walt Brown

On Lee Harvey Oswald’s Birthday, we are joined by prolific writer, and JFK assassination researcher Dr. Walt Brown.

Walt Brown has a Ph.D. in history from the University of Notre Dame and is a former special agent of the Justice Department, is a longtime researcher of the Warren Commission and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He is also the editor of JFK/Deep Politics and the author of several books on the subject including: The People V. Lee Harvey Oswald (1992), Treachery in Dallas (1995), Referenced Index Guide to the Warren Commission (1995), JFK Assassination Quizbook (1995) and The Warren Omission(1996).

The Master Chronology on The JFK Assassination is over 30,000 pages of information starting from the first Kennedy born in America to mind-bending connections and individuals up to 50 years after The Assassination.

JFK is not the only topic Dr. Brown has written and published work on. Other topics range from President John Adams to World War 2 and even include a set of Fictional Novels with murder and mystery in mind

You can obtain The Chronology, sign up for The JFK/DPQ, and obtain autographed copies of some of the author’s out-of-print work direct from Walt by e-mailing him. kiasjfk@aol.com

In this discussion, Chuck and Walt discuss some bad conspiracy theories, some good evidence on the JFK case, and a few ugly personalities they have encountered over the years.

Chuck contends that Dr. Brown is the best overall expert on the case he has ever known.

What is it like to write 30,000 pages on one subject? Did LBJ kill JFK? Did George H.W.Bush do it? Why is the assassination still important today? Who is She Who Shall Not Be Named?

E-mail Walt: kiasjfk@aol.com


Happy Birthday Lee Oswald

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Happy Birthday Lee Oswald – The Ochelli Effect 10-18-2018 Walt Brown