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The Ochelli Effect 8-8-2018 Chuck Solo

A Wednesday night Chuck Goes Solo. California is on Fire. Refusing to cover the Manafort trial. Trump Supporters don’t read much.

Talking Points takes on the meathead we know as Alex Jones. Does Reality T.V. make you a terrible person? Well, it makes a terrible Orange idiot into a President. Did somebody get some bad weed?

Plastic Surgery disasters are an epidemic. What is in the eye of the beholder? Did a guy named Forrest start forest fires? Is stupid the new orange? Are we now south of Heaven? What would a rich person do if they were not elitist scum?

Snapchat sucks. Does the government punish itself? Why do fools believe money can buy character? No one calls in. If Chuck moves to Canada, will they mistake him for a moose and shoot him? is being a martyr good business?

Is the world order being served up in yet another adventure in Iran? One full song during a break is by Cirus Minor, called “Docile”. Qanon is looking to throw Chuck into a ditch after he is shot. Can we get a witness?

Is there anybody out there? Chuck is looking for more feedback. We don’t need internet police. We need more adults on asylum earth. There are enough children and barking dogs. Is reality T.V. a symptom or disease?

Are worn-out ham wallets collector’s items? Killing two hours on W Odin’s Day. Smoke ’em if ya got ’em. Who is that walrus in the white house window? What the hell is wrong with America?

Does anybody have 2 bucks for coffee? We are NOT building a religion.

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ham wallet California

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 ham wallet California- The Ochelli Effect 8-8-2018 Chuck Solo