Halloween 2018

The Ochelli Effect 10-31-2018 Chuck Solo

Callers were welcomed to trick or treat this year on The Ochelli Effect. Does YouTube have a ghetto or a Gulag?

The Inhuman Monster Clinton and the ignored clip of her joking about black guys all looking alike. Why have the easily offended masses not reacted?


A friend of the show “Tech” calls in to talk about the caravan at the southern border and the hidden agendas of trolls.

Chuck appeared on the Richie Allen show earlier in the day. So he played a long clip of the interview. The whole episode will be played on our live stream.

After a break, Vince Easily calls in to discuss the evolution of the revolution delayed. Do third party candidates stand a chance?

VinE is heard on the Real Liberty Media Network. Chuck and Vince have worked together many times over the years and His contributions to the Ochelli Effect as a reporter and contact man for the show go back to the very earliest of LIVE shows.

What can be done to break the stranglehold on We The People? Could Vince fill an entire hour with shout-outs?

Chuck did not cover the planned news stories he had lined up but had a few interesting conversations with friends. Was the runaway Deep State Trump Train hard to see coming?

So is it a trick, or treat, kind of night? You decide.

Halloween 2018

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A Ponder Gander with VinE

Richie Allen

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Halloween 2018 – The Ochelli Effect 10-31-2018 Chuck Solo