Goodbye Afghanistan Hello Kitty

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The Age of Transitions and Uncle 8-27-2021 Jimmy James

Goodbye Afghanistan Hello Kitty

AOT #328

The US withdrawal of Afghanistan marks the end of a 20-year military saga that was born alongside the War on Terror. Are we leaving the War on Terror along with Afghanistan, or are things merely shifting in a new direction? What will become of the military-industrial complex, and how will our massive defense budget be spent in the years to come?

Topics include: DHS, defending the homeland, TSA, domestic terror programs, hackers, the importance of data and information technology, SCO Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, China, Russia, Iran, ISIS, 9/11 Truth, National Security, postwar WW2 1947, aerospace industry morphed into MIC, history of USAF, modern warfare is shifting to digital information space, NSCAI, artificial intelligence machine learning, US beginning to seriously invest in converging technologies, China building infrastructure, and technology, Silicon Valley moving further into defense and security, DoD contractors, cyber security, cyber terror attacks in near future, security clearances incentivized in new work programs, increased crackdown on misinformation alternative facts and free thought, propaganda, the myriad of micro-targeted influence operations, US DoD truly put on the defensive

UTP #237

Hello, Kitty was back at the dollar store, this time with a cabernet sauvignon bottle of wine. Uncle tests this and talks to his customers.

Topics include: what gluten is, Florida, Hello Kitty wine, wine tasting, sweet wines, France, Orson Welles wine commercials, Casey Casem meltdown tapes, top 40 radio show, music with clear talking, Mountain Dew, dollar store energy drink Monster Hydro, Hardy Boys, ZZ Top, shout outs



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Goodbye Afghanistan Hello Kitty

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