Goodbye 2018 Ochelli Effect

The Ochelli Effect 12-31-2018 Year End Wrap Up

Jordan Maxwell will return to Monday’s in 2019.

Spike Robinson, Regular Joe, and Jeffrey Matte join Chuck to usher out the exhausting year we called 2018. Chuck won his battle with Apple and Youtube. Google is still a lost cause. Please spread the word about the show in 2019. You can be the reason behind the show’s growth.

What headlines kept everyone busy while the rich got richer and the poor got fooled again? Holiday hangovers do not apply. 2019 should be more interesting for my friends popping corn in 2018.

Big Changes are coming to the show and network in 2019. Are you not entertained? A big thanks to ALL who made 2018 possible. What is a “Sanity Fluffer”? Is there any place to hide?

What artists were lost in 2018? Who punched their last spot on the Hell Heroes Club Card? How much reality was unreal on your T.V.? If you see Americans coming, build a wall.

How’s the shut-down and the rest of the system looking to you? Should we talk another run at t-shirts? Will Trump be allowed to continue the 24/7 PR Blitz he started in 2016? Are you tired of winning yet?

Crucial input from you is required this year to shape what is to come from The Ochelli Effect.

Goodbye 2018 Ochelli Effect

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Goodbye 2018 Ochelli Effect – The Ochelli Effect 12-31-2018 Year End Wrap Up