Good Morning Vietnam

The Ochelli Effect 2-27-2019 Chuck Solo

Good Morning Vietnam! It is W Odin’s Day and Chuck is Solo. The illegitimate POTUS goes to Vietnam when he is not in harm’s way, but putting everyone else in harm’s way for the sake of a non-deal that gives more prestige to another leader who enjoys unearned power and respect is just fine to be #Cult45 members. The Kakistocracy trolls on in an effort to make North Korea great again Cadet Bonspurs strikes again. Will anyone is shocked when absolutely nothing is accomplished?

Have you noticed that wanna-be-gangsters use twitter to attempt strong-arm tactics? At least paying protection to the real guys gets you something for your money. Just think about that as tax season is in full swing. Also, F__k Wikileaks! Ripping people off while gang-tagging places with the name Trump and having your associates do your bidding and taking the heat seems like the Wonderbread wanna-be mob for white collar white people is still a racket. Cohen’s tour of Capitol Hill continues.

How many morons does it take to make American a disgraceful place? Your numbers may vary. On leftist fronts of stupidity, we have a few questions in mind. Is a gay role model who actually fought real discrimination not at least entitled to respectful disagreement among LGBTQ advocacy fanatics? War criminals are not just for neocons, but why is the left silent when one gett another shot at murder and mayhem in the Americas? Is it only the darkest of twisted people that have sex with people they find revolting? Can someone who likes long term relationships also enjoy a good hate f__k?

Good Morning Vietnam

The Cohen Matrix (Brother not included):

Military Industry Not-So-Complex:

Sorry, Not Sorry:

The Rich get Richer, The poor don’t get a f___ing thing:

No shock, No awe:

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10 Gauge – Addict Static – Chuck Ochelli – Idolatry NJ – Cirrus Minor – Renegade Smith (Also the creator of The Ochelli Effect theme music)

Good Morning Vietnam

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Good Morning Vietnam – The Ochelli Effect 2-27-2019 Chuck Solo