Golden Hong Kong Phooey

The Ochelli Effect 8-20-2019 Mike Swanson and Pearse Redmond

Golden Hong Kong Phooey

Mike Swanson discusses the Fall of The American Empire and how it compares to the collapse of the Roman Empire. Is there a Goldfinger-Style plan in play regarding the current rough waters on the financial seas? Is There Gold in them their shills?

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The Origins of the Roman Empire: The Roman Army and Political Power Kindle Edition
by Dennis Swanson (Author), Michael Swanson (Foreword)
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Golden Hong Kong Phooey

Pearse Redmond discussed with Chuck the strange actions observed in the protests shown on the streets of Hong Kong? Is this merely business as usual? Can anyone really sort out the real story behind the street action?

The show could have gone on, but we needed to stop somewhere.

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Golden Hong Kong Phooey

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Golden Hong Kong Phooey

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Golden Hong Kong Phooey – The Ochelli Effect 8-20-2019 Mike Swanson and Pearse Redmond