God Bless Dumbass Americans

The Ochelli Effect 11-13-2020 Roundtable

God Bless Dumbass Americans

On a Friday Night Open Mic, we learn exactly why Chuck and his co-host need a moderator. Chuck explains the objective reason why the 2018 race in Georgia was kinda rigged.

We heard from Captain Tripps and Regular Joe. Chuck argues that the GOP and DNC are part of the same problem. Are you ready for more punk-ass sore loser shit? Is the corrupt system only a problem when your site fails to win?

After a long battle with the broadcaster software, Chuck got it rolling again. Are we still dealing with this Trump 24.7 TV world?

Is the Million MAGA Moron march the best we can do? Hesher will be a guest next week and maybe some other surprises will be part of next week’s Ochell Effect shows.


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God Bless Dumbass Americans

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