Giant Rock Two Brains

The Age of Transitions and Uncle 1-10-2020

Giant Rock Two Brains

(Notes from Aaron)

AoT #257

A relaxed and impromptu show in which Aaron talks about everything from the Age of Transitions shows itself to war with Iran.

topics include live show, Patreon supporters, desert camping trip to Giant Rock, optimism, power corrupts, special interests, war with Iran, business of war, Middle East theater of War, Iraq, Donald Trump 2016 campaign, convenient lies, George W Bush administration, Neocons, propaganda, public acceptance of war, opportunity to make unique media, conspiracy theory distractions, surveillance, big data, social media, cellular phone microphone picking up your conversations to target advertisements, average person’s perceptions, Silicon Valley, Surveillance Capitalism, generational antagonism, self-help, write up podcast reviews for your favorite shows

UTP #165

Aaron gives Uncle a quick history lesson on Landers, California. Any interested listeners who would like to go on a camping trip to the desert with us, please contact us and let us know. You cannot understand the magic of the desert until you experience it for yourself.

topics include: speech to text tweets from Uncle, BTS on Uncle’s New Year’s Revolution, desert camping trip, Landers California, Giant Rock, Charlie Reche, George Van Tassel, tribal annual meeting ground, Goat Mountain, BLM land, Frank Critzer, mining for gold, meditation sessions, channeling extraterrestrials, bonsai trees, UFO sightings, Integratron building, dome structures, geomagnetic fields, time machine, Landers airport, Howard Hughes, astronomy, millennial prophecy, art, the desert experience, Joshua Tree National Park, Indio, Octopus Conspiracy, Salton Sea, Slab City, Salvation Mountain, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Two Degrees of Gary Busey, Jordan Maxwell, bald eagle rest stop sighting, British Royal Family, Deal or no Deal

Giant Rock Two Brains

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Giant Rock Two Brains – The Age of Transitions and Uncle 1-10-2020