Gerald McKnight Tribute Plus 2

The Ochelli Effect 2-17-2021 Garry Aguilar

Gerald McKnight Tribute Plus 2

This podcast was recorded on February 11 for broadcast on the 17th.

Breach of Trust Author Gerald McKnight passed away recently and Dr. Aguilar wished to discuss Professor Mcknights’s work with Chuck.

This conversation evolved into a wider discussion about The JFK case. So we decided to release the whole conversation which is longer than our standard two-hour shows.

Chuck has admired Dr. Aguilars’ work since at least 2003, but this is the first time he has spoken with Dr. Aguilar.

Breach of Trust: How the Warren Commission Failed the Nation and Why
by Gerald D. McKnight

Breach of Trust
How the Warren Commission Failed the Nation and Why
Gerald D. McKnight

Dr. Gary Aguilar is an author and lecturer, a leading authority on the medical evidence associated with President Kennedy’s assassination, and is one of the few non-government experts ever given access to the JFK autopsy photos and x-rays. Dr. Aguilar is an AARC Board member.

Dr. Aguilar:

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Gerald McKnight Tribute Plus 2

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