Gerald McKnight Tribute Plus 1

The Ochelli Effect 2-17-2021 Stu Wexler and David R. Wrone

Gerald McKnight Tribute Plus 1

Stu Wexler co-hosted The LIVE Ochelli Effect Tribute to Gerald McKnight, The author of:

Breach of Trust
How the Warren Commission Failed the Nation and Why
Gerald D. McKnight

Many were scheduled to call into the show and did not. This is likely due to disruptions in power and communications across the country. David R. Wrone was not a pre-planned caller but became the main guest. This turned out to be a happy accident.

David Wrone knew Gerald McKnight and has written and edited books on American History. One of his best works was on the Zapruder film.

Stu Wexler is also an author of significance regarding The JFK and MLK assassinations along with other disturbing topics in modern American History. Stu interview McKnight once for an as-yet incomplete documentary.

Chuck, Stu, and Professor Wrone all agreed that Gerald Mcknight was a uniquely effective author and Warren Commission Critic while simultaneously succeeding as an academic historian and educator.

Breach of Trust: How the Warren Commission Failed the Nation and Why
by Gerald D. McKnight

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Gerald McKnight Tribute Plus 1

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