Generation X-Men Roundtable Friday

The Ochelli Effect 2-7-2020 Roundtable

Generation X-Men Roundtable Friday

Since we didn’t get to hear from Regular Joe and B Pete earlier in the week it was Chuck’s idea to combine them into the last show of the week. Adding the element of callers seemed to create a nice flowing conversation.

Spent Kent, a younger man named Serge and Mrs. O helped to make the topics discussed well rounded.

Kids and their school lunches, along with the false left/right paradigm, International Banking Cartels, Political corruption, and the Military-Industrial complex were all examined.

Should we do this more often? Would you like to call in and become part of the show sometime?

The discussion provides a fascinating cross-section of the mindset The X generation has and may even reveal the very reason X seems to be a factor missing in leadership today.

Is there any wisdom? You be the judge. Chuck did his best to let all participants take bites at the apple, did they get to the core of the issues?

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Generation X-Men Roundtable Friday

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Generation X-Men Roundtable Friday – The Ochelli Effect 2-7-2020 Roundtable