Gender Specific High Control

The Ochelli Effect 1-2-2019 Spike Robinson

The first show of 2019 features a lively discussion with the one and only Spike Robinson from The Open Minds Foundation. It all makes sense when you consider this was happening when China was preparing to make a moon landing.

Chuck attempted to keep up with the superball Spike hurls like a Gangsta. Are we all individuals being misled into sub-dividing into smaller control groups?

Talking gender politics and the latest portions of the MeeToo debate along with the elements of upbringing, Spike brings a unique well-traveled perspective to the table.

Is the identity of the individual the real victim of the war of Identity Politics? Is there such a thing as common control groups?

Cultural appreciation requires context. How will the natural communication dance continue on the floor of attraction when the music has been censored?

How did Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, and Super Heroes get into the mix? Take a listen, if you dare.

In 2019 we hope spike will become a regular on The Ochelli Effect. What is your opinion? Is there any other guest we should have regular conversations to produce regular revelations?

It’s gonna be a good year despite the dumbing-down of the human family.

Gender Specific High Control

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Gender Specific High Control – The Ochelli Effect 1-2-2019 Spike Robinson