gender blind justice problem

gender blind justice problem

The Ochelli Effect 3-8-2018 Carmine Savastano

When Carmine Decides to bring a social issue forward as a co-host on Thor’s Days you know it’s going to be complex. The issue of teachers taking advantage of students as presented in the media is often a topic of discussion in general. However when the criminal in question is a female the forgiving and even comedic way it is handled is quite striking. In light of recent discourse on the subject via the #METOO movement and other issues tied to it , we go through this issue as best we can. Is the abuse of power the primary issue ? Is the victim or predator any different given that the gender of either is male or female?

gender blind justice problem

Aside from the #metoo element in social media a far more complex discussion must be had regarding what is acceptable in the sphere of sexual conduct across the board. Carmine brings up one of those parts of the debate many people will simply ignore on a Thor’s Day Ochelli Effect. Not Quite Sinister history , but certainly disturbing and part of recent and distant history. Is male versus female punishment and acceptance fairly understood. Is the abuse of power the key issue? what will history say about all this ? Teachers and their students , most headlines focus on the female predators with male victims , well how is it handled by the media , the public , and the courts?

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gender blind justice problem


gender blind justice problem

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gender blind justice problem

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