Gayle Force Nix Puzzle Pieces

The Ochelli Effect 10-27-2017 Gayle Nix Jackson

Friday on the show we get return visit from the lovely and talented Gayle Nix Jackson Author and Grand Daughter of Orville Nix who captured one of only four known films to have photographed the head show on November 22 1963 that killed John F. Kennedy in motion picture format. Gayle gives us an update on the status of the court case involving the fate of the original Nix Film and  gives us a great many insights into what will be in her new book which is slated for release around the time Chuck will be in Dallas for the JFK Lancer Conference. Gayle is quite passionate and articulate in this anecdote packed discussion that one will have to simply get their hands on her next book to fully appreciate. Also Gayle tells us there may be a second volume after this with even more essays by a diverse group of writer much like she has assembled for the currently awaited tome. Despite a tech issue first hour we cover all this and much more in Gayle Force Nix Puzzle Pieces .  By The Way Only Gayle Carmine Vince Easley and JP Sottile have appeared on the Ochelli Effect on every network it has run , So Chuck got that wrong . We hope to hear from Gayle again soon and look forward to good news for the final disposition of the Nix Film.

Gayle Force Nix Puzzle Pieces

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Gayle Force Nix Puzzle Pieces