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The Vanguard continues. Author Joseph Flatley joined both Trans Resister Radio and Uncle The Broadcast. Amish Rock Bands and conspiracy culture collide in two hours flat. Sunshine On joins the discussion in time to bring us knowledge of cannabis and dental work. Healthcare and 420 in the mix. Trump rallies and self-publishing crack the many codes. Plus, Joseph Flatley promotes his book despite getting into a world he may have to insert into his nest offering. Greyhound buses give some people special treatment too. Cults and vacation destinations are packing snacks and learning to relax. Ask Uncle for advice, taking your mind out and off. Maybe that’s meditation? Cutting off the cell phone is also a good thing. A phone is a brain after all. Is there an off switch? Meditation music. Talk to trees; they will tell you they love you. This two shows made into one experience may shock the uninitiated but is also a lot of fun despite the producer butting in while Uncle is doing his magic. No beer this time either. Is the American state situated atop a volcano still exploding at this time? Are Uncle, Aaron, and Sunshine proof that California is actually a transplanted alien land from another planet? Listen and decide for yourself. Also buy Joe Flatley’s Book, just because it’s a good one, and who can not use a “good one”? Gawker Stalker Hawker Skywalker…

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Gawker Stalker Hawker Skywalker

Aaron’s Main Hub indeed a different kind of show and we hope it continues to break its mold.

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Gawker Stalker Hawker Skywalker