Future Dream 600 Perp Walks

The Ochelli Effect 1-22-2020 B Pete

Future Dream 600 Perp Walks

B Pete arrived on Wednesday and delivered the Pro-Trump talking points as is his view despite knowing Trump is a clown. Impeachmentpalooza continues in the Senate. Can Fox and Friends and all the Trump backers continue to say there is not evidence while not allowing evidence in a process?

Can a politician in DC ever be anything other than corrupt? Who among the DNC clowns is the least odious? Are there any RNC clowns that are less than deplorable? How bad of a politician is HRC? What is up with the national political parties’ money?

Is The Donald the anti-hero the intellectually paralyzed American public deserves? Is this hurting your head? Does any of this matter when the Big Money interests get what they want out of the political theater game? How much insider trading is enough insider trading? Does any of this make sense?

It is entertaining to hear civil discussions B Pete and C Ochelli? When will our alleged representatives represent us? Is anyone reading this? Will not feeling the Bern in 2020 cripple the DNC?

honorable mentions go to Andrew Yang, Ted Cruz, John Kasic, Tulsi Gabbard, and Bernie Sanders.


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Future Dream 600 Perp Walks

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Future Dream 600 Perp Walks – The Ochelli Effect 1-22-2020 B Pete