Future Days Past

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TRR 195

On this week’s show, Aaron gives his listeners a declaration of intent for Trans Resister Radio. His ambitions to grow the show and insight into his creative process are the focus. This is by no means a typical radio broadcast, but that is a good thing, and hopefully, something that the audience appreciates. Please help out by writing a review on iTunes and/or signing up to help Aaron on Patreon.

topics include: live broadcast Friday nights, podcast audience, callers, creative process, art, Uncle (the podcast), inside jokes, behind the scenes, chaos, chance, dark humor, comedy, Twitter, genres, categories, marketing problems, limited audience, defying labels, quality over quantity, the numbers game, hypocrisy, antagonism between content creators, difficult social problems worked out on an individual basis, honesty, call for assistance, vote with your dollar, expenses, book sales, podcasters bringing in true income, listener engagement, finding purpose

Utp 103

Uncle and Aaron prerecord a show to play live. Uncle gives a review of Skyscraper, which turns out to be a lot like Die Hard. Listeners are thanked and encouraged to call in live on Friday nights when it airs on Ochelli.com

topics include: live broadcast, callers, dollar store beer review, Revolution Harbor Amber Ale, Skyscraper movie review, Die Hard, action movies, knobs, microphones, podcast feed, evolution of the show, ideas for the show, ADDTV, 10 Gauge band, Buckethead

Future Days Past

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Aaron’s Main Hub  http://theageoftransitions.com/ indeed a different kind of show and we hope it continues to break its mold.

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Future Days Past