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Popcorn Politics 12-8-2020 Brian Kramer and Luka

Fudge Clog Home Box Office

On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Brian Kramer and I discuss Biden’s potential cabinet based on rumors and reports as well as who actually has a chance of being confirmed.

The most interesting question mark right now is General Lloyd Austin being chosen as Defense Secretary. Austin is a General currently, which would require a waiver to be passed by the house and Senate for his nomination to be considered.

You would expect the Biden team to have done their due diligence and spoken to Democrats to unify them, but that didn’t happen. Instead many of the party line Democrats like Gary Peters and Richard Blumenthal have come out against the waiver. This is especially interesting because Jim Mattis was confirmed under similar circumstances 4 years ago 98-1. It speaks to a very messy transition that doesn’t seem to have been thought out as much as it should’ve.

In hour 2, Luka and I discussed the death of the movie theater industry following Warner Bros.’s move to bring all theatrical releases to HBO Max.

This is the unfortunate nail in the coffin for an industry that was utterly decimated by COVID. The move has gotten considerable backlash, Christopher Nolan said that HBO was “The worst streaming service.” All the while, Legendary prepares a lawsuit against Warner Bros. for violating their contract surrounding Dune. And it was announced after the show that the Director’s Guild of America was considering a boycott of the studio.

All of these moves aside, the decision to forgo a solely theatrical release is likely to doom the industry.

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Fudge Clog Home Box Office

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