French Fried Igloo Conspiracy

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Trans Resister Radio and Uncle LIVE 11-30-2018 Jeffrey Matte

Aaron’s Show Notes:
TRR 210

Jeffrey Matte comes on Trans Resister Radio for the first time. He and Aaron take the opportunity to talk a bit about the process once referred to as “waking up”. Within the truth-seeking community, things have taken a decided turn but to where?

topics include: truth movement, years 2006 and 2008, Freemasonry, waking up process, Jordan Maxwell, Egypt, irrational aspects of life, corruption, conspiracy, artificial intelligence, social credit system, transhumanism

Utp 116

Guest, Jeffrey Matte comes on the show to tell Uncle all about the cold hard truth of life in Canada. A difficult story to hear, but at least Uncle should now have more listeners from our neighboring country to the North.

topics include mats, clothes, fast food, Costco, snow, weather, subsistence living, survival skills, Canada, French Canadians, french fries, Canada’s top exports, Yukon Territory, send money to help

Producers Notes:
(First Hour deleted by mistake) Darn diddley heck
What was that? Is he talking about Dog Sled Races? An I high? I don’t remember getting high. French Fries? French people suck. Did he just say igloo? I am totally lost. Nobody is drinking. Melting ice, naked, in an igloo. How did Kangaroos get into this? I give up.

Jeffrey Matte ONLINE:

Flanders versus Canadian Flanders:

French Fried Igloo Conspiracy

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French Fried Igloo Conspiracy