Freedom Concepts Natural Designs

The Ochelli Effect 4-7-2021 Spent Kent and Vance

Freedom Concepts Natural Designs

Continuing the discussion about Freedom is odd only because the reality is stranger than fiction.

Spent Kent has settled into a co-host position on Wednesday nights, and we will be taking calls. Is the appeal to alleged authorities the virtual prison in the mind of the modern man? Were there societies before there were settlements? What are you settling for now?

Vance joined in on the conversation after e-mailing Chuck and added some much-needed thoughts in the conversation. Can government serve you?

Is it more natural to serve a system that does not answer to you, or to serve each other? Is attaching the idea of the Left/Right Paradigm the best approach when attempting to plant psychological seeds of free thought?

It was Chuck’s Birthday, so Spent Kent sang Happy Birthday to him at the end of the show. It wasn’t Marilyn Monroe, but it was something. We hope you guys will keep these conversations going and let us know what is missing from them.

Notes From Vance:

Some inspiration for you and Spent.
This is the link to an old Youtube ch. I can’t access any more Mussolini’s Head.
It’s a song by Greg Greenwood that really inspired me. There were videos of it and doesn’t get airplay, so I made one he permitted me to make the video so he probably would have no problem if you used one number, etc.
My dad gave his old laptop with the final cut program and it took longer to find the clips than to edit them. The other is a riff I came up with jamming, I recorded on my phone so as not to forget it. It’s all just spontaneous….fuck ups and all.
Hope you enjoy it.

Peace V

Mussolinis Head

Paolo Nutini ….Iron Sky
I play this every time I play the jukebox at the bar and several people play it now as well….there is hope.?

Last but not least
Aesop Rock …Daylight
I call it Heavy Mental Hip Hop.



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Freedom Concepts Natural Designs

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