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The Age Of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 7-12-2019

(Aaron’s Notes)
AoT #236

In a world where “everyone has a podcast” there is an abundance of shows that focus on conspiracy theories. How many of these programs are being made by producers who actually care about the subject matter?

topics include: podcasting, broadcasting, media, hosts, advertisers, monetization, integrity, degradation of serious material, truth movement, 9/11 truth, alternative media, research, entertainment, analytics, producing material by the numbers

Utp #143

As Mercury continues its retrograde motion through the zodiac Uncle experiences unexplained technical difficulties. Producer, Chuck Ochelli, finds a way of breaking through the communication barrier by calling into the show with a telephone. In the end, this was a very unique and fun show.

topics include: live phone calls, cleaning services, neighbors, stealing packages, dollar store beer, Dutch Republic lager beer, canned micheladas, switching time slots, democracy, Bohemian Rhapsody movie, IPA beers, Pure Blades

Freddy Mercury Retrograde Podcasting

(Producers Notes)
The frustration of Podcasting and Broadcasting.
The Goof-Ball Conspiracy Parady paradox.
On Uncle’s show, I have no idea why the audience can hear me and the guys can’t.
Sound Effects work. Thank the gods for the Chat.
Even after the show, we couldn’t figure it out.
It just seemed to fix itself.

Freddy Mercury Retrograde Podcasting

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Freddy Mercury Retrograde Podcasting – The Age Of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 7-12-2019