Fools Errand and The Failure of The Fear Agenda

Fools Errand and The Failure of The Fear Agenda

Ochelli Effect 9-4-2017 Guest Scott Horton

First Hour Chuck Solo , Winding through the agenda of fear driven information that appeals to already corrupt thought processes , ONLY IN AMERICA? maybe , maybe not

Fools Errand and The Failure of The Fear Agenda

Scott Horton joins us second hour and really surprises Chuck by buying part of the official story of 9-11

Scott’s analysis of the Wars incited in the aftermath of September 11 are the main focus.

What’s the truth of the heroin factor on the global war of terror?

Scott’s Book

You may be shocked to see that Chuck does allow people with completely different opinions on the show sometimes.

The parts on this discussion touching UBL or OBL CIA and if 9-11 was an inside job or not may not be to everyones liking but examining the thought process the goes along with that view is worthy of airing.

Just to be Clear The Ochelli Effect does not support the official story of 9-11 in any way shape or form.

Fools Errand and The Failure of The Fear Agenda

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