Flint water crisis 2018

The Ochelli Effect 1-15-2018 Keri Webber & MelJoy from FlintStock

According to some the “Flint Water Crisis” began in 2014 , but tonight we discuss with two women involved in helping the victims of the well known horrible situation the Facts of when it may have begun , and the absolutely unacceptable FACT that it is far from over. We often debate the idea of American exceptionalism , The Great country where unlike the third world , we have safe clean water for all. Is that the case? Do you really know what is in your water? Keri Webber tells some of her personal story describing the effects on her community and family and sound the warning to anyone trusting those in charge of the essential life giving element we call water. The toxic cocktails we feed our loved ones neighbors , and ourselves. If you don’t pay attention you must know that profit and political motives are more important to far too many of those who are allegedly in charge. Lead is just one deadly ingredient… Flint water crisis 2018

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Flint water crisis 2018 

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 Flint water crisis 2018

The Ochelli Effect 1-15-2018 Keri Webber and Meljoy