Faux Progressive Gabbard Plus

The Ochelli Effect 7-12-2019 Albert Lanier and Caller Ted

Albert Lanier returned to break down the strange living political cartoon contradiction named Tulsi Gabbard. For more than an hour, Chuck and Mr.Lanier discussed Gabbard. How does a seemingly anti-LGBTQ candidate survive in the current progressive climate?

In the 2020 field of alleged candidates presented by the DNC, she seems to be GOP plant in Progressive-skin clothes. What does it mean when David Duke, Steve Bannon, and other less-than-progressive right-wing elements support an allegedly liberal politician?

In the second hour, Chuck reads a follow-up article on Jeffrey Epstein and immediately gets a call from (We Believe) the infamous Ted Rubinstein. Will the current investigation reveal more or eliminate more evidence regarding the Epstein saga?

Chuck and Ted’s adventurous talk about how deep and dark the Epstein investigation could or will go is interesting. Ed Opperman apparently has new information, and we suspect there are mountains of hideous facts that may yet emerge.

Is Epstein connected to the Mossad? Is Chuck’s suspicion that Epstein was running an Industrial Strength Blackmail operation valid? By next week we’ll see if the media is still interested in covering this ugly topic.

Faux Progressive Gabbard Plus


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Faux Progressive Gabbard Plus

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Faux Progressive Gabbard Plus – The Ochelli Effect 7-12-2019 Albert Lanier and Caller Ted