family values pharmaceutical balls

The Ochelli Effect 5-18-2018 Chuck Solo

Chuck goes solo on a friar’s day Ochelli Effect. What’s drugs got to do with it? Another School shooting earlier in the day begins the discussion. Santa Fe Texas can now count itself among the growing number of places that will be demonized by the irresponsible alternative media as places that have utilized crisis actors to push narratives against gun ownership. How many more will have to learn that active shooter drills cannot keep everyone safe? The War on terror continues to be fabricated. Mushrooms of all sorts are a good thing. Barry Prince joins in to provide some useful information before descending into the right wing programming that tells him and anyone listening that there was a time when things were great in the past due to the full Christian delusion of the great nuclear family. Wil these throwback fantasy devotes ever learn they have been deceived? No matter, we’ll keep chipping away at the hypnosis until we reach gnosis. Plus Chuck breaks the mood up by complaining about the male design. Billions spent fighting terrorists that have not killed as many people in the past 20 years as opioids have killed in a year seem to be well spent. Maybe Not.


family values pharmaceutical balls

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family values pharmaceutical balls – The Ochelli Effect 5-18-2018 Chuck Solo