Fake News Sources Anonymous

The Ochelli Effect 6-14-2018 Carmine Savastano and Larry Hancock

Chuck and Carmine begin a Thursday discussion on the definition and impact of “Fake News” as a phenomenon.

Since it is Thor’s Day and Carmine and Chuck have conflicting views on some key elements of the discourse, it was predictable a debate would emerge. Somewhere between rebellion and cynicism resides balance.

Reliable sources and hearsay along with an honest examination of realistic levels of bias contained in any presentation of News or information must be vigilantly tested by the consumer. Motives are usually clear but also carefully obscured from the casual observer.

This show may warrant a second episode on the topic for many reasons. Who’s to blame for poor quality in the news business? How has the business changed? What ethical considerations play a role in making your newsfeeds do what they do? Art has an impact on society, but is it significant influence in culture worth noting?

No one called in during the show but we hope you will in the future and feel free to comment on the site or via e-mail. Sometimes it is hard to decide who the cynic actually is.

Fake News Sources Anonymous

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Fake News Sources Anonymous

Carmine Savastano

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Fake News Sources Anonymous