Facing Reality Winner

The Ochelli Effect 4-12-2019 Billie Winner-Davis

Why does Chuck keep mentioning Reality Winner in conversation? You should be asking why you are not doing the same.

We had a special discussion with Reality Winners mother, Billie J Winner-Davis. Chuck wanted to illustrate Reality’s record of service and Patriotism that he believes motivated her act of disobedience as an NSA contractor that led to her incarceration. That record of dedication to service for her community and country seems as though it might be well beyond 30 years in length if Mrs. Winter was not just 27 years of age at the time of this interview.

Her mother answered questions and told the story of her early life as she was arriving in Texas after driving more than 7 hours to visit with her daughter.

Reality has been unfairly punished with an excessive sentence for telling a secret truth with one document. She was not motivated with payments or by the prospect of fame. It appears as though she valued the truth above her career and felt that the American people deserved to know the truth about Russian electronic interference in the 2016 Election.

No one was killed as a result of her actions. She did not profit from her actions. Yet the system saw fit to charge her under the Espionage act, It seems to be an intelligent Military Veteran that made a slightly embarrassing secret public frowned upon more intensely than White collar profiteers who actually trade for profit with foreign interests in sensitive data and access.

We ask that you take action with social media and in any situation where you can make a noise to keep Reality in the faces of anyone you encounter. If enough of us do there just might be a chance to adjust the unjust situation as it stands. The 27-year-old woman has been in Prison for more than 600 days now. It won’t cost a dime to make a Noise.

Facing Reality Winner


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Facing Reality Winner

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Facing Reality Winner – The Ochelli Effect 4-12-2019 Billie Winner-Davis