The Exclusionary Inclusion Effect? With Carmine Savastano

The Exclusionary Inclusion Effect?

The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-06 with Carmine Savastano.

The Ochelli Effect presents “The Rise of Exclusionary Inclusion” part III.

Exclusionary Inclusion: Tonight join Chuck Ochelli and author Carmine Savastano for an uncensored conversation about offensive words, SJW’s, free Speech, Intent, and how today’s censors are spurred by the same mentality as those of the past.

First hour with Carmine Savastano.

Bill Maher fired before from politically incorrect for being politically incorrect now knows what exclusionary Inclusion means to an alleged “White Man” In the SJW and Ice Cube universe. No You Are Not Stoned.

Offensive Language, changing rules, social justice warriors,

Perhaps there is more in the confusion elicited from exclusionary Inclusion than in the image of apologies given to a representative standing in for all “Black People” on the issue of “The N Word”

Difference between acceptance and tolerance , Offensive humour and the effect of exclusionary Inclusion , one might ask or perhaps consider?

The narrative is now being totally controlled on college campuses, black People and white people don’t even exist in this ‘post truth world‘.

Questions to ponder.

Are there any potential disasters that may come from owning language due to birthright?

How will banning words and their replacements help with intellectual and logical debate?

Was offence given, or was offence taken?

What is the intent? and does intent matter?

Still not clear? Perhaps listening to Chuck and Carmine having a “Frank” Conversation about exclusionary Inclusion and it’s intended and unintended effect will sort some of it out. What a tangled web we weave when we practice to conceive of the effects of the social Justice Army bent on , exclusionary Inclusion.

Benevolent fascism, calling others fascists , while acting in fascist ways is another example of how our world has been turned on it’s head, using an arsenal of tools we discuss regularly here on The Ochelli Effect.

Bill Maher Calls Himself a “House Nigger”.

Ice Cube claims the ‘N’ word is “our word now”.

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