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The Ochelli Effect 10-4-2018 Carmine Savastano and Michael Swanson

A confluence of business, intelligence, military, and charitable organizations had swirled together to influence the social and political futures of many nations.

Along with Mike Swanson in the first hour, Carmine and Chuck break down the story of a little known but important figure that had decades of activity in the aforementioned theaters of operations.

Who ends up connected to two different heads of the CIA without being important? benign sounding organizations addressing real issues may be there to do good works but also have a tendency to be useful to other agendas.

exceptional American

Carmine’s References:
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JUST for laughs:

Other topics covered in the conversation include The dark art of banking, Walmart, recruitment of useful sales personnel, The grey areas of motive that tell the full story of trends in history.

The rise of the American middle class was engineered in multiple labs, and executed in real time.

Michael Swanson

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Carmine Savastano

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exceptional American