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ethos logos pathos journalism

Monday 4-16-2018 Albert Lanier

T.V. News has a sales pitch to push the product of War.What is Journalism? Is it a long dead art? In the age of Trump and the internet, what is the actual value of information? Do facts matter? Does moral judgment change the details? Print media and it’s cousins broadcast and digital media, Do they even look alike? Is Infotainment all that remains? Veteran print journalist Albert Lanier makes it all very clear in a conversation with Chuck that defines much more than the general theme of alternative facts and “Fake News” prevailing in the zeitgeist of now. Mr. Lanier provides his perspective and answers many questions regarding the evolution and effects resulting from the many avenues of informative expositions emerging exponentially on an hourly basis, before closing the discussion with his personal view on the false alarm that shook up Hawaii when many residents believed North Korea launched missiles against targeting them a few months ago. Writer. Retired freelancer and journalist. Bylines: Pacific Business News, Honolulu Weekly, Edible Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Asian week. Twitter (@Criticinc)
The recent interest in the “Stormy Daniels” case is in focus as Chuck, and Mr. Lanier analyzes the tremendous contrast to the Monica Lewinsky scandal of the Clinton presidency. Ethos logos pathos journalism.

ethos logos pathos journalism

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ethos logos pathos journalism

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ethos logos pathos journalism

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  1. Patricia Braunschweiler April 18, 2018 at 11:00 am - Reply

    It was fabulous listening to two REAL Journalists discussing what REAL Journalism SHOULD be! As far as the Evangelicals go when it concerns DJT (Agent Orange), as Meria Heller calls them…FAKE CHRISTIANS. I agree! Look the other way when it suits you and your agenda. Thanks Chuck, for another great informative and interesting show…I hope Albert Lanier will be back soon!

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