ethics under fire

ethics under fire

The Ochelli Effect 6-11-2018 Chuck Solo

Chuck goes solo on a moon day. Where is Yemen again? Alex Jones circle jerks some more SEO from the gullible. Lyme Disease isn’t sexy enough. We are America, Bitches! Trump goes full-on prison Bitch mode for Putin and Kim. #SoMuchLosing The gravity of negative information is tough for the average bear. Putin is getting his monies worth. Trump is still a disgrace, no biggie.
Why do Americans seem to understand nothing they are told? Telephone was a game once. Archaic news outlets are in decline. Journalists are almost like unicorns now. The Kim Regime gets legitimacy for nothing while the orange con-man gets nothing. #ShartOfTheDeal
Fear porn and Russian propaganda are viable business models, unfortunately. Children are products. Local paradigms are things of the past. How does your echo-chamber sound to you? Will Trumpanzies reclaim their brains?
If a fact falls on The Ochelli Effect, Does anyone hear it? NOTE: after the broadcast, Chuck learned that Lonnie Clark will NOT be joining this week despite Chuck’s announcement. (Chuck’s timing is always perfect, LOL)


ethics under fire

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ethics under fire – The Ochelli Effect 6-11-2018 Chuck Solo

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