Establishment Clown Posse Greatest Hits

The Ochelli Effect 7-23-2018 Chuck Solo

Have we reached Saturation Maximum? Chuck went Solo on W Odin’s Day to talk vaccine panic, UFO’s, Sex Slave Nuns, and French Doomsday Preparation while covering all the news fit to bruise regarding the latest round of Scandal planning in Virginia that no one seems to know hot to moon-walk away from. Plus, Did The Godfather of Soul get whacked?

Jordan Peele Twilight Zone Reboot is a thing. The Trump Tower saga is not going away. Is there a universal background check to prevent idiots from being taken seriously? Papa needs brand new bags. Is it all over, but the shouting? Can we just start calling Flu Shots, Fool Shots? Boiled Peanuts are awful! Viral Kindergarten Teacher claps fix nothing.

Trump in a Mission accomplished talking point rerun of ISIS CRISIS actors over. How many things in America are killing children much more efficiently than measles? Is the answer everything? How many Democrats have to get slathered in a scandal to turn Virginian over to the Republicans? Trumpets Trolling for Blue Fish is no longer entertaining.

The Bullied Trump boy had less energy than the girl with Brain Cancer at the talking points concert for Cult 45. Netflix gets the Rich benefits of The GOP to protect the rich policy. There are so many useful idiots destroying the world inch by inch, shall we count the ways? Do they understand the numbers at all?

Establishment Clown Posse Greatest Hits

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Establishment Clown Posse Greatest Hits

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Establishment Clown Posse Greatest Hits – The Ochelli Effect 2-6-2019 Chuck Solo