Esoteric Ancient Code Breaker Initiated

Esoteric Ancient Code Breaker Initiated

The Ochelli Effect – Friday 1-12-2018 with Author Michael Feeley

For 2 hours Chuck and Author Michael Feeley explore the personal , Paranormal , natural and spiritual paths and pathos that are part of the grand illusion we call Life. Michael describes how his investigative experience in an earlier carrier made it a fate driven ride that produced his volumes that are expanding and gave him the ability to document many things. A rare conversation : Esoteric Ancient Code Breaker Initiated

Excerpts From
Michael Feeley : author of 5 books and several E-books on various subjects that he has personally experienced or researched from the paranormal to the true identity of Christ and the real purpose and message left for us within the Pyramids of Egypt
“Existence as we know it is in effect the universe continuously repeating itself in a microcosmic – macrocosmic way back to Singularity!”
Deliberate cover-ups of truth? All Illuminati are free-masons but not all free-masons are Illuminati ?
“So in religious terms we have the Earthly Jesus Christ which I have stated many times is the genetics of the human body and the post Earthly Jesus Christ, the heavenly Christ, is the Solar Sun who sits with the father in the sky (Heaven in various languages means Sky)…which is the planet Jupiter, the father of the sky…”
Problem, reaction, solution. created in the 19th Century by Hegel to support agendas that lead to the modern day alleged War on terror.


Esoteric Ancient Code Breaker Initiated

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Esoteric Ancient Code Breaker Initiated

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