Epic Battle Planning Remix

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Epic Battle Planning Remix

Trans Resister Radio and Uncle Live 5-31-2019

(Aaron’s Notes)
TRR 230

Chuck and Uncle fill in for Aaron as guest hosts for this episode of Trans Resister Radio. A friend and regular caller Marlon Ettinger call in to discuss an interesting book about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

topics include: live radio show, Skype, talking, closet revamp, Why Was Lincoln Murdered, history documentaries, Civil War, thrift store finds, huskies, dog breeding, greyhound racing, horse racing, Kentucky Derby, JFK assassination, premonitions of murder, Uncle business cards, China, artificial intelligence, 21st century, Japan no longer tech leader, emerging technologies, deep learning, Big Data, IT, military development, philosophy by which computer science is constructed

Utp 137

Sef the Poet returns to the show, and plans for an epic spoken word exchange are laid. Next week Sef and Chuck will have a spoken word “battle” in which Uncle will be Master of Ceremonies. Be sure to tune in next week live at 11 pm EST on Ochelli.com.

topics include: live call-in number 319-527-5016, women are gone, religion, growth, numerology, symbolism, setting rules for competition, poetry, rhyme, Twitter poll to determine winner, Mickey’s malt liquor review, Elohim, Hebrew, act of creation in 7 days, promotion, divinity, The Voice, behind the scenes of the radio show, audio books, true-life stories, shout outs

Epic Battle Planning Remix

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Epic Battle Planning Remix