Entertainment Tonight Area 51

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The Age Of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 9-19-2019 Callers

Entertainment Tonight Area 51

(Aaron’s Notes)
AOT 246
The day of the infamous Area 51 Raid is here, but whatever became of the event? Was it a genuine storming of the military facility, a desert music festival, or just an online joke?

topics include: internet culture, politics, ufology, aliens, Naruto running, Japanimation, anime, art comics, Calvin and Hobbes, online trolls, social manipulation, information warfare, propaganda, China and Russia, AI, big data

UTP 153
Uncle gets off to a good start, but sidekick gets a bit too chatty. Luckily Uncle is able to rein him back in to come to a smooth landing.

topics include: podcasting, beers, nuns, movie reviews, Banksy, Exit Through the Gift Shop, social media, New Years Revolution

Entertainment Tonight Area 51

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Entertainment Tonight Area 51 – The Age Of Transitions and Uncle LIVE 9-19-2019 Callers