Entertaining Primaries Doctor Strangelove

Popcorn Politics 8-4-2020 Ted Edmonson and Carmine Savastano

Entertaining Primaries Doctor Strangelove

(Dylan’s Notes)

In today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Ted Edmonson and I discussed the various primaries that took place last night.

The Kansas Senate Republican primary featured former Gubernatorial nominee Kris Kobach facing congressman Robert Marshall. Kobach is a poor candidate and his showing against Marshall proved that.

Kansas’ second congressional district was also the site of a contentious primary between incumbent Republican Steve Watkins, and State Treasurer Jake Laturner. On paper, this primary didn’t make much sense until Watkins was charged with 3 felonies related to voter fraud.

The other main topic was the Democratic primary in Missouri’s 1st district between incumbent Lacy Clay and Cori Bush. The Clay family is a force in Democratic politics, William Clay held that seat for 16 terms, his son for 10. Cori Bush, on the other hand, is an activist related to BLM.

In hour 2, Carmine Savastano and I discuss Doctor Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

Doctor Strangelove is one of the quintessential anti-war films. This is not a subtle film that’s trying to subliminally tell you something, this movie slaps you across the face with its message and doesn’t let go of your attention once.

The characters aren’t nuanced, instead, they show how effectively archetypes can be used if the writer and director have a mastery of the material they’re presenting.

Archetypes are used best when your plot is more important than your characters. Doctor Strangelove resembles every warmonger in history, from Henry Kissinger to Dick Cheney to John Bolton.

This is a timeless film with a script that leaves nothing vague or unclear.

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(End Dylan’s Notes)

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Entertaining Primaries Doctor Strangelove

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