EMS Issues Rudy Rudy

The Ochelli Effect 4-30-2021 Roundtable

EMS Issues Rudy Rudy

B Pete co-hosts the Friday Night Open Mic with Chuck where we get few callers. We need more. Mrs.O decided to tell the story of her recent heart attack to inform listeners that they need to be better informed and aware.

This week Mrs.O tells the story of her heart attack from last week. It is not always easy to diagnose a heart attack when a woman is having one.

Chuck and B Pete also talked about the idiot that some people still call “America’s Mayor” and his current legal issues. The new status quo in p[olitical scandals is also explored. Florida is still a crazy place. When you call 911 someone who is interested in helping you should be dispatched.

Chuck adds a few details to Mrs. O’s story and addresses those who showed concern and offered help. Is the system still failing most of us?



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EMS Issues Rudy Rudy

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