Electric Magnetic Fish Tips

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6-22-2018 Larry Woods
Larry Woods hangs in for both Trans Resister and Uncle broadcasts.NanoTech is small. The amount of empty space in the human body might be shocking to some. This is a topic salad. Your backyard can be a battery.
The energetic nature of the world around you and how it just a bit off at the moment. What is the proper frequency? WiFi and other things that may be cooking you. The Pyramids are one example of how large pieces of stone were moved. Some people need to go outside and play. Space is still the final frontier, even if it may cause cancer.
Electric cars can charge your house. Useful tips for inventors on how to protect their copyrights. Iron is in blood. Plasma mines are in the desert pre-existing. Earth batteries and the next thing your kids can do for their science fair. Plus Chuck drops in when the CBD topic comes up. A caller asks about restless leg syndrome. Putting an onion in your socks may not get you love, but it will help to get some toxins out of your system.

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Another unique two hours theater of the mind.

Electric Magnetic Fish Tips

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Electric Magnetic Fish Tips