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The Ochelli Effect 3-19-2019 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

Tuesdays are informative and entertaining despite the high level of education packed into two hours of The Ochelli Effect. One day before spring springs TYR’s Day Chuck challenged his ideas by asking two of the best co-hosts possible to bring their wisdom to the table.

Does the Stock Market indicate how well the country is doing? Chuck and Michael Swanson discuss the idea that drives financial media to report about the markets as if they impact everyone. In some ways, this may be true, but the cause and effect concept may be more or less flawed than anyone acknowledges. Chuck also asks many other financial questions.

In the second hour, The best journalist/analyst to regularly appear on the show goes deep on the paradigms of persecution. JP Sottile and Chuck discuss the idea that Christian targets are under siege currently. The conversation was inspired by listener feedback in private and one comment on Twitter that called Chuck out for being incorrect while stating in a previous broadcast that Churches are simply not being attacked merely because they are Christian targets.

Chris @starkers69 on Twitter
Mar 19

“@OchelliEffect Chuck you said on the podcast of 15 March that no churches are being attacked worldwide. This is absolutely false. I have numerous examples…”

The comment was rooted in discourse over the terror attack on a mosque in New Zealand. Chuck asks JP to correct his assertion or confirm his view. In America, the idea of Christian persecution is laughable, but is that true globally?

Plus JP discusses Trump 2020, the sad state of cable news, forty pounds of plastic in the gut of a whale, and what Chuck calls “The Field of Losers”.

Eject Echo Chambered Round

Mike Swanson:
The Origins of the Roman Empire: The Roman Army and Political Power Kindle Edition
by Dennis Swanson (Author), Michael Swanson (Foreword)

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The Ochelli Effect 3-19-2019 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile

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