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Porkins Policy Radio 4-2-2019 Ed Opperman

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Porkins Policy Radio 5-28-2019 Callers

(Notes Written by and for Pearse)
This week I addressed some editorial issues I made regarding the radio show and the types of guests I will not support or promote. I talked about the backlash I received for calling Ryan Dawson a “racist grifter” and why I continue to stand by that statement. I discussed my own journalistic integrity and why I will not allow myself to be tainted by right-wingers simply because they do good research.

In the second hour, I took a call from Dimitri who questioned my decision to have Lucien Greaves on the show and take much of what he was saying at face value. We talked about Greave’s problematic past which I admittedly did not research enough when I had him on. I talked about my own reservations now about having him back on, and how this is an inevitable problem when it comes to radio and journalism. Later we talked about another controversial figure that people ask me about Dr. Joylln West, whom Jon Atack knew and has talked about on the show before. I talked about the allegations against West regarding OKC Bombing and how much of that story doesn’t hold up. Chuck helps me finish off the show by talking about the problems that we face as journalists and radio hosts.

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Porkins Policy Radio 5-28-2019 Callers

(Producers Note)

I am quite pleased to have been a small part of what I think is a very honest demolition of the fourth wall in podcast form.

Porkins Policy Radio 5-28-2019 Callers

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Editorial Judgement Brooklyn Rant – Porkins Policy Radio 5-28-2019 Callers